Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Loving Laura James Jewelry

I know I speak for both Lindsey AND myself when I say that Laura James Jewelry is one of Lurrrve's favorite things ever, and definitely worthy of being our first post!

I bought myself a gorgeous pair of Laura James earrings with vintage chandelier crystals and teeny aquamarine drops (aquas are my absolute favorite gemstone) a few months ago, and I can't wear them without having people stop me to ask where they're from. Once, a woman literally yelled at me to roll down my window at a stoplight because she saw them on my ears.

(OK, maybe that didn't exactly happen. But it could have. Seriously.)

Either way, Laura's stuff is spectacular. It's unique and interesting, and definitely not the kind of obvious pieces you'll find in your average jewelry store.

This piece would be especially lovely as a graduation gift for a recent high school or college graduate:

You can get it handstamped with the name and date of your choice. Heck, it would even make a great bridesmaid gift for your favorite girlfriends.

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