Tuesday, June 17, 2008


When I was planning my wedding, I lusted after Jennifer Behr's gorgeous bridal hair accessories. (Check out this one--it's my current favorite.) Her stuff is pricey, but so beautiful, it's like jewelry for your hair.

Now that I've celebrated my first wedding anniversary and wedding planning is firmly behind me (and thank heavens for that; I was a horrible bride), I find myself drawn to Jennifer's fantastic hair creations that are worthy of Carrie Bradshaw, but not so kooky that I would feel ridiculous wearing them. On the right occasion, of course.

Take a look:

Celestial Tiara, $425
This one is obviously over-the-top (ha), but isn't it gorgeous? I think it would be so perfect for a formal New Year's Eve party. Or, if you're doing it up with style, maybe for the 4th of July.

Camellia Floating Tiara, $395
This one is more work-appropriate--if you work at Vogue and you're feeling dramatic. But I could see it being so much fun to wear to a wedding, or a backyard party, or even a cocktail party. It would make your little black dress so much more interesting.

Patent orchid on skinny headband, $198
This one I actually would wear to work--with a dress, with a suit, with a really understated outfit...with anything, really. Wouldn't you just want to steal it right off your co-worker's head?

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