Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I've been a fan of the online fabric/sewing shop ReproDepot for a while now--I've ordered fabric from them for pillows, a set of fabric wall hangings, and even my duvet cover. They're a great source for unique and interesting fabrics at great prices, including some really beautiful Marimekko and geometric print fabrics.

Right now I'm pondering what to buy for my old wingback chair, which I am going to have re-upholstered. I am in love with several options:

Marhaba: $42 per yard. (Expensive! Also, too bright, I think.)

Heila: $21 per yard. (Too busy?)

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Lindsey Beth said...

Of course I'm drawn to the most expensive one. I also like the birds! Hate real birds... but like them on fabric and clothing.