Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Head case.

I know I'm supposed to be shopping for my family and friends right now, with the holidays merely weeks away, but I can't stop bookmarking things I want for myself these days. I am covetous and it's a problem. I can't stop lusting after the gorgeous hairpieces I keep finding on fascinators, clips, headbands, you name it--and they're all covered with feathers.

There's this peacock feather headband from WashedUp Mermaid ($22):

Then there's this darling little Swallow in Flight cocktail hat from StyleSmith ($29):

I also have a hard time choosing between the Etta headband ($32, top) or the Calloway headband ($34, bottom), both from FeatherBrain:

But then I can't choose between Portobello's strikingly beautiful Avril headband ($35, left), or the Miyuki headpiece ($39, right):

If you end up buying one of these beauties as a holiday gift this year, please let us know so we can be properly jealous.

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