Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Call me!

Now that the book I co-wrote is (mostly) finished, I've been circulating some of my writing clips in the hopes of generating some more freelance work. I mailed a completed contract to a new client this week, and was really wishing I had some business cards specifically for my freelance clients to include in the envelope.

Then, I realized I knew the perfect place to find some beautiful, moderately-priced cards -- Etsy.com, of course! There are some really pretty ones out there, and if your new year's resolution is to jump-start your career or hop on the networking train, let me help:

Mommy Calling Cards, 50 for $18 (I don't have kids, but these are my favorites.)

Peacock Calling Cards, $25 for a set of 50

Dahlia calling cards, $35 for a set of 100

Turntable Calling Cards, $22 for a set of 36

Botanical Calling Cards, $28 for a set of 100

1 comment:

Lindsey Beth said...

Oooh... I love these! Need to get my freelance website up and running so I can put it on my cards. Then I'm definitely getting something like these.