Saturday, April 17, 2010

A billboard hit.

My Earth Day/birthday weekend is off to a good start! (In case you're wondering, I'm younger than Earth Day but old enough to remember Woodsy Owl.)

I got my first present in the mail yesterday from my aunt -- and she did good! I've got a new, green place to keep my green. I've been coveting her Vy & Elle wallet for some time now, so she picked up on my not-so-subtle signals and got me one. I love repurposed products that don't look repurposed. In this case, if you aren't already familiar with Vy & Elle, you'd have no idea that their line of eco-urban bags are made from recycled billboard vinyl. Because no part of a billboard can be used twice, each one is different. Mine is red, yellow, black and white -- very rock n' roll.

You can buy them online at Greenloop, and I found this one on sale for only $16 through the Vy & Elle website, which appears to have merged with a company called Blowfish.

I speak from the receiving end of personal experience when I say that this is a great gift for that eco-conscious, fashion forward gal pal. Could even be a cool bridesmaids' gift!

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