Tuesday, February 10, 2009

What to get for the one you lurrrve.

The big day is coming up...are you ready? We have some great, last-minute suggestions to keep you from panicking on Friday night when you realize you completely forgot that the next day is Valentine's Day.

For Her: Flowers
It may be cliché, but I think flowers are pretty romantic. You could give your girl a flowering plant, because then she can have flowers practically year-round, but if you're worried about upkeep (or your significant other has a black thumb), you can't go wrong with the classic Valentine's Day gift: A bunch of red roses.

And what could make a bunch of red roses better? How about if they're fantastically gorgeous, smell wonderful, AND are natural, organic, sustainable, and fair trade. Like these, from Organica Deluxe:

For Her: A Token
I love puns, so I guess it's no surprise that I also love gifts with meaning. Take this little statue from Stray Dog Designs, for instance. It's a love bird, but it doesn't scream "Valentine's Day" -- it's subtle, with the tail ending in a heart shape, and it would look charming atop a stack of books in your sweetie's bookshelf. Plus, it's handmade, and you can choose her favorite color.
For Her: Goodies
Who doesn't love a man who cooks? I do. Especially if he bakes, because personally, I am a failure with baked goods. This is practically the perfect gift--it's inexpensive, good for sharing, romantic, and thoughtful. I recommend Bakerella's Red Velvet Cake Balls, because I love red velvet cake, they're festive, and I think they'd be romantic to share with some champagne.

(Image via Bakerella)

For Him: Help for the Junk in his Trunk
My guy always has a bunch of man-stuff in his trunk: a football, some rags, a flashlight...you know, stuff. And it used to drive me crazy, because every time he'd make a turn, it would go rolling from one end of the car to the other. Until, that is, I bought him a trunk organizer like this one from Uncommon Goods--it even has a cooler to keep your beer cold, which seems pointless to me but probably would sound like a GREAT idea to my husband. It's not the most romantic gift, but he'll love it. Trust me.

For Him: Grill Pan & Panini Press
I have one of these, and I think my husband might like it more than I do. There's just something about guys and sandwiches...it's a match made in heaven. Le Creuset products are my favorite--they're well made and will stand up to generations of use, especially if you buy the cast iron stuff. I recommend the skillet grill pan with the matching panini press. You'll use them, I promise.


For Her: Fragrance
One of the best gifts I ever got was actually a bridesmaid gift from my sister, but it would make a thoughtful present for anyone you hold near and dear. Essens creates personalized, custom fragrances based on your loved one's personality. Fragrance Designer Kathleen Dreier uses a detailed questionnaire to capture your sweetie's signature scent in 1/4-ounce of pure alcohol-free essence. The bottle comes with a card that explains what was put into the fragrance and why. They say a bottle lasts 9-12 months, but I've made mine stretch to a year and a half. Sad to say I'm finally running out (hint, hint).

For Her: Shoes
A woman always needs another pair of shoes. These cozy kicks from Keen combine the comfort of a slipper with a rubber outsole that can also take her out and about. Less clunky than clogs, she'll get plenty more wear out of these stylish slip-ons before the warmer weather rolls in. And they come in beet red -- be still my heart.

For Her: Earrings
It can be daunting to pick out jewelry, but your gal should appreciate the design behind these earrings from the husband and wife team at 2ReVert. They make all of their jewelry from damaged and broken skateboards. And each piece is one-of-a-kind, just like your Valentine.

Cube Earrings, $30

For Him: Say it with Steaks
If your man is a meatatarian, he'll salivate over the selection from Diamond Organics. Choose from several cuts of grass fed lamb, beef and buffalo, or splurge for one their samplers, which start at $149. With overnight home delivery, it's not too late for last-minute Valentine's meatfest.

For Him: Branch Out
For your tree hugging honey, a gift from Trees Instead makes a great green gesture. Plant a tree in his name in any U.S. state, Israel or the Amazon. He'll get a certificate with a special number so he can find the tree's location online.

Valentine's Day Tree, $25

For Him: Perfect on Paper
Men like journals, too... you just have to find the right one. My husband's a fly fishing guide, and would go ga-ga over the weather-proof products from Rite in the Rain. Known for their all-weather writing paper, they also make all-weather pens that work in -30F and upside down (you know, for all those times he might need to write hanging from his feet off of a cliff). You can buy the notebooks on their own, but the kits, complete with pouch, journal and pen, make a great gift and come in several styles.

Rite in the Rain Fly Fishing Kit, $34.69

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