Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tote-ally awesome.

I first fell for Angela Adams when I found her amazing collection of rugs, but it's her handbags and paper goods that have kept me entwined in this wanton retail relationship. All of my bags are large enough to hold my entire life, but sometimes when I go out, I don't want all of that excess baggage. I'm also past the point of comfortably fitting the "bare necessities" into my back pocket (and husband's pockets). Enter the new Lulu Mini Tote. At 9x9 inches, I can squeeze everything I need into this convenient canvas bag, which comes in three of my favorite shades (an orangey red, earthy green, and basic black). Mind you, with Angela's stunning hand-silkscreened print, there's nothing basic about it.


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mainlyclearskies said...

I totally love these bags! And plan to order one in Red. Or Green. Red? Green? Both?