Monday, September 29, 2008

New favorite: Boho Mag

I adore magazines. Sure, sometimes they're not exactly what I would call feminist, but the ones I continually go back to (Self, Real Simple, skirt!), are magazines that feed my soul--while also giving me new things to covet.

I may have a new one to add to that list, after a glance through the premiere issue of Boho. It promotes itself as "100% recycled, re-styled, re-used," and it's printed on 100% post-consumer paper, processed chlorine free and recycled certified. Wow. Here's a magazine that practices what it preaches!

The content is all about empowerment (although not of the in-your-face variety), but also includes wellness, beauty, fashion, and lifestyles. Not only that, but it's really pretty, too.

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