Monday, September 1, 2008

True Lurrrve: Kate Szabone

Etsy is one of my favorite things -- I spend a lot of time on that site, cruising around for new, fun things. One of my other favorite things is jewelry, especially anything with aquamarine, which is my birthstone. It's also the centerpiece of my favorite piece of jewelry of all time, my engagement ring:

I'm a fan of simple, classic jewelry. I'm not big on the trendy stuff, because I also have expensive tastes, and that means most of the jewelry I buy has to be more of an investment than something that will go perfectly with my newest favorite outfit. (I do make a few exceptions, though: I bought these because I thought they were pretty, and I always get compliments on them.)

I've been back to visit Kate Szabone's Etsy shop several times since I first discovered her, and now that I've discovered this gorgeous set of rings ($360), I know what my next jewelry splurge is going to be.

I'm also seriously coveting this gorgeous set of bangles ($265), featuring a large blue aquamarine.

I love Kate's jewelry for its simplicity and organic lines. I've been dying for a pair of her hand-hammered hoops for months, and I love the interesting combinations and shapes she uses. And, if you're looking for a beautiful, simple engagement set -- she's got you covered.


Kate said...

I love your wedding set! Gorgeous!

Thanks for mentioning my work!


Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through Kate´s facebook page. I am also a huge fan, although have yet to buy anything... am on the prowl though. Thanks for the article on your experiences with her jewelry.