Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Puppy lurrrve: The Eco Nap from West Paw

Having a home with all hardwood floors and two big dogs means a lot of sweeping and mopping, but it also means I need to make sure my pups have a cushiony oasis where they can rest without putting any strain on their hips. But every time I buy a dog bed with a cover that's washable and easy to remove, it's never easy to put back on again. That's why I lurrrve the Eco Nap from West Paw Design. It comes in several cool color combos and I can throw the whole thing in the wash when it gets icky. And in between washes, it lays flat enough to vacuum. Not only is it great for my dogs -- it's also great for the planet, made from post consumer recycled soda pop bottles. It's amazing that something so soft comes from plastic bottles (a large mat saves 26.45 bottles from landfill limbo). We've had ours for almost two years and it's still in great shape... and I can't say that about most things that come into everyday contact with our dogs.

$27.90-$93.90, westpawdesign.com.

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