Thursday, July 30, 2009


I am, admittedly, a big fan of coffee. I drink it straight up, caffeinated. (No sugar or cream, thankyouverymuch.)

My husband is a wine expert, so drinking almost any kind of beverage can sometime take on an added level of analysis, although I certainly don't want to talk about the "bouquet" of my beloved coffee before I've had at least a mug-full to wake me up.

But that's why, when I discovered Citizen Bean, I knew it would make a great anniversary gift: it's a gift-subscription coffee-roaster of the month club that offers coffee from small roasters all over the country. We got our first bag of special beans the first week of July, and we've been rationing it, saving it mostly for weekends, because it's so good. Can't wait to see what our August roast has in store for us (and hopefully my husband will share it with me!).

Citizen Bean subscriptions: four months for $79.99, six months for $119.99, one year for $199.99.

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