Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nerd Lurrrve

I swear I wasn't just trolling around online for baby stuff. I really did come across this while doing research for work. But once I found this, I had to share. Tiffany Ard creates "art & nursery decor for serious science nerds." But you don't have to be a Ross (Friends reference, folks) to appreciate her quirky line of books, prints and flashcards for your little genius.

This elephant print, which would perfectly compliment my own nursery's elephant bedding (hint, hint), illustrates Newton's Laws of Motion:


But my favorite find is the science-themed baby book. A great gift for expectant parents, it combines Tiffany's whimsical illustrations with science-y quotes, plus places to fill in blanks and photos to mark your wee one's milestones. Check it:


For more magnificent nerdery, go to Tiffany's Etsy page.

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