Monday, July 28, 2008

Happy feet

My new favorite shade of polish for my toes:

I think Lindsey Beth disagrees with me on this, but I prefer Essie polish. I don't like how thick and gloppy OPI polish is, whereas Essie is nice and smooth; perfect for easy application (and at-home touch-ups). This shade is called Bermuda Shorts, and since I decided to skip lunch in favor of a pedicure this afternoon (I know, I know), I wanted something that would perk me up. Something bright. Something lively. Something unique.

And then two girls sat down in the chairs next to me and had chosen the EXACT SAME SHADE. So much for originality. However, I think this means it's a winner. My toes are looking tres chic.

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Lindsey Beth said...

I must admit I'm an OPI gal, but it's not a slight to Essie's quality... I just like their colors and fun names:) I would love to be the person who gets to make up the names for nail polish shades and J. Crew colors.