Monday, July 21, 2008

Lurrrvely stamps

A while ago, I bought a roll of "forever" stamps from the post office, partially because I hate going to the post office (and always need stamps at the least convenient times), and partially because I use stamps so rarely now that I figured it would be nice to have them around and know they were the right denomination when I did need them.

Honestly, though? Forever stamps are U-G-L-Y. Especially after seeing these Charles and Ray Eames stamps:Aren't they gorgeous? I am feeling slightly pathetic for coveting stamps, though.


Lindsey Beth said...

Those are so cool! Good find:)

Beka said...

Those stamps are definitely adorable. The only occasions I send anything via snail mail is the holidays roll around. Maybe when you use up your forever stamps, this would be the next path to follow!